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1                            General Information about China’s Automotive Market


1.1                      sales Volume of China’s Automobile in 2001

1.1.1                 sales Volume of Domestic Vehicles

1.1.2                 sales Volume of Vehicles Assembled by Imported Components

1.2                     General Information about China’s Cars in 2001

    1.2.1     sales Volume for Each Brand Car

1.2.2     Market Share for Each Car Company

1.3                     Forecast on China’s Automobile Sales in 2002

1.3.1                General Information

1.3.2                Information on Car Import

2                            Schedule of Specific Commitment on Market Access of Automobile when China Accedes to the WTO


2.1                     Tariff

2.1.1                Cars

2.1.2                Buses

2.1.3                Motor vehicles for the transport of goods and special purpose motor vehicles

2.1.4                Classis,bodies,parts and accessories and Quotas

2.2                     Non-tariff measures

2.2.1                Import Quota Value

2.2.2                Phase-out Elimination of Licenses and Quotas

2.2.3                Procedure for Quota and License Issuance

2.3                     Specific Commitments on Investment

2.4                     Specific Commitments on Services

2.4.1                Trading Rights

2.4.2                Distribution Service          Commission Agents’ Services and Wholesale Trade services          Retail Services

2.4.3                Automobile Insurance

2.4.4                Banking and Other Financial Services

2.4.5                Maintenance and Repair Services

2.4.6                Rental and Leasing Services

2.4.7                Freight Transportation by Road in Trucks or Cars

2.4.8                Advertising Services

3                            General Information about China’s Car Component Industry


3.1                     General Information

3.2                     Industry Base for China’s Car Component

3.2.1                jilin Car Industry Base

3.2.2                Hubei Car Industry Base

3.2.3                Shanghai Car Industry Base

3.2.4                Tianjing Car Industry Base

3.2.5                Guangzhou Car Industry Base

3.3                     Development Trend for China’s Car Components Manufacturers

4                            State Encouraged Project and Restricted Projects toward the Development of Automobile Industry in China


5                            Distribution Network for Domestic Sale


5.1                     Automotive Market

5.2                     Special Sales Shop

5.2.1                Shanghai Volkswagen Car Limited Company and Chang Chun Volkswagen Car Limited Company

5.2.2                DongFeng-CITROEN Car Limited Company

5.2.3                Tianjin Xiali Car Limited Company

5.2.4                Car Limited Company of No.1 Motor vehicle Group

5.2.5                Other Companies

6                            Conclusions and Recommendations


6.1                     Conclusions

6.2                     Recommendations

6.2.1                Distribution Services

6.2.2                Investment on Car Component Industry

6.2.3                Motor Vehicle Financing Service

6.2.4                Motor Vehicle Insurance Service

6.2.5                Maintenance and Repair Service

6.2.6                Rental and Leasing Services

6.2.7                E-Commerce Service

     Appendix   List of Chinese Auto-components Manufacturers

    Appendix   List of Chinese Vehicle Distributors(including Maintenance and Rervice Services Suppliers)

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