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CONSULTING SERVICE    One of CONSULTEC’s key lines of business is to provide its clients with foreign economic and trade consulting services in the field of trade, investment and legal affairs, including introduction of investment environment, selection of investment projects, choice of cooperative partners, guide to investment orientation, feasibility studies of investment opportunities, supply of feasibility reports and project appraisals, undertaking of early stages of projects, drafting of documents for approval, handling of approval formalities, undertaking of market survey and forecast in and outside of China as entrusted by clients, submitting of reports on credit standing around the globe, and preparations of various contracts, agreements and articles of association, etc..  CONSULTEC also acts as advisor for negotiations and contract-signings, undertaking the study of strategic issues of foreign trade and economic cooperation, organizing large-scale economic and trade workshops, etc.


INFORMATION SERVICE  CONSULTEC has started the collection, analysis, storage and transmission of various economic and trade information ever since the date of its establishment.  In January, 1990, CONSULTEC further strengthened its economic and trade information work with the merging of China International Economic Information Center.Up to now, CONSULTEC has established cooperative relationships of information exchanges with more than 20 information and consulting organizations from the United States, France, Japan, Canada and South Korea, etc.  In recent years, CONSUTEC has greatly promoted such electronic services as “China Consultants Economic and Trade Database”, “China Consultants International Economic and Trade Information Network”, “China Economic and Trade ExpressElectronic Edition”, “Guide to Import and Export Business Operations”, etc.  Additionally, CONSULTEC also established China Consultants Electronic Publishing Center.

COMMERCIAL SERVICE  CONSULTEC has been actively developing international economic and trade exchanges, providing clients at home and abroad with various kinds of consulting services related to business activities.  In recent years, CONSULTEC has held nearly 100 economic and trade workshops and seminars of various kinds at home and abroad, hosting tens of foreign delegations’ visit to China, organizing hundreds of Chinese groups for business tours abroad and sponsoring the establishment of foreign representative offices in China.  

EXHIBITIONS CONSULTEC always acts as the “bridge-builders” for its clients at home and aboard, devoting itself to the exploitation of new channels and areas of economic and trade exchanges between domestic and foreign companies. CONSULTEC has begun to hold exhibitions ever since 1992 and sponsored nearly 100 large-scale commodity fairs and economic and trade talks for the past 5 years. Having established economic and trade relationships with foreign companies the world over through the exhibitions, thousands of domestic enterprises thereby signed over 100 contracts and agreements of intent valued at hundreds of millions of US dollars with foreign companies.

  IMP./EXP. BUSINESS  CONSULTEC can do import and export business in various kinds of commodities or technology, on its own or as agent, and can also undertake such business as processing with supplied materials, processing with given samples, assembling with provided parts and components, processing with imported materials, barter trade and transit trade.


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